Party-Perfect healthy Russian Salad Recipe for 100 People

Introduction to Russian Salad

Russian Salad, additionally acknowledged as Olivier Salad, is a pleasant and famous dish this is a must-have at any celebration or gathering. Its special mixture of flavors and textures makes it a birthday party favorite, and it is ideal for serving a massive crowd. In this article, we will information you via developing a party-perfect Russian Salad recipe to serve a hundred people.

Ingredients You’ll Need

To put together this scrumptious Russian Salad, you will require the following ingredients:

5 kg of boiled potatoes

2 kg of boiled inexperienced peas

2 kg of boiled carrots

2 kg of boiled poultry or ham

2 kg of boiled eggs

2 kg of pickles

2 kg of canned candy corn

2 kg of mayonnaise

Salt and pepper to taste

Preparation and Cooking Time

The education and cooking time for this recipe will take about 2-3 hours, however the end result is clearly well worth the effort. Let’s dive into the step-by-step instructions.

Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Chopping the Vegetables

Start by way of peeling and dicing the boiled potatoes, carrots, and boiled eggs into small, uniform pieces. This step is imperative as it ensures that each and every chunk of the salad is a pleasant combine of textures and flavors. Also, chop the pickles into small cubes. The uniformity in the dimension of the substances ensures a balanced and cohesive style in each and every mouthful.

  1. Cooking the Potatoes and Peas

Boil the potatoes, peas, and carrots one at a time till they are smooth however now not mushy. Overcooked veggies can flip your salad into a mush, which we desire to avoid. Make certain to drain the extra water and let them cool earlier than adding them to your salad mix.

  1. Boiling the Eggs

Place the eggs in a pot with water and boil them till they are hard-boiled. The eggs will no longer solely add a rich, creamy texture to your salad however additionally a dose of protein. Once they are done, peel the eggs and cube them into small portions for even distribution.

  1. Preparing the Mayonnaise Dressing

In a giant mixing bowl, combine mayonnaise, salt, and pepper. This dressing is the coronary heart and soul of your Russian Salad, presenting it with the creaminess and a trace of seasoning. Make positive to combine the dressing till it is nicely blended and season it in accordance to your style preferences. The mayonnaise ought to be liberally however judiciously utilized to supply that rich, creamy sensation except overwhelming the different ingredients.

  1. Assembling the Salad

In a large, deep container, mix all the chopped and boiled substances – potatoes, peas, carrots, chicken/ham, eggs, pickles, and canned candy corn. Gently fold in the mayonnaise dressing till the whole thing is covered evenly. The secret right here is the mild folding, making sure that the dressing would not spoil down the different ingredients, however alternatively wraps them up in a harmonious blend. Your salad have to appear vibrant, creamy, and inviting.

Serving Suggestions

Serve the Russian Salad chilled, garnished with a sprinkle of clean herbs. The chilled temperature enhances the fresh nature of this salad, making it best for each indoor and outside parties. You can additionally serve it with crackers or as a aspect dish for a range of essential courses. The versatility of Russian Salad makes it a best partner for a number dishes, from grilled meats to sandwiches.

Variations and Customization

You can customise your Russian Salad by way of including or omitting substances based totally on your preferences. Some editions encompass the usage of bitter cream as a substitute of mayonnaise, including apples or pineapple for sweetness, or which includes boiled sausages for a exclusive flavor. This adaptability is one of the motives why Russian Salad is a preferred at gatherings – it can cater to extraordinary tastes barring losing its charm.

Make-Ahead Tips

Russian Salad can be made in advance of time, making it a handy desire for giant gatherings. Just keep it in the refrigerator, and it will continue to be clean for a day or two. This make-ahead function simplifies birthday party preparation, giving you greater time to center of attention on different elements of hosting.

Storage and Leftovers

Store any leftovers in an hermetic container in the refrigerator. Russian Salad can ultimate for a day or two, making it a extraordinary alternative for meal prepping. This is a boon for busy men and women and hosts, as it potential you can revel in the salad even after the birthday celebration is over.

Nutritional Value

Russian Salad is wealthy in carbohydrates, protein, and integral nutrients. It’s a hearty and fulfilling dish that will please your visitors whilst supplying them with indispensable vitamins for energy. The mixture of vegetables, protein, and the creamy dressing makes it a balanced dish.

The History of Russian Salad

Russian Salad has an fascinating history. It was once created through a Belgian chef, Lucien Olivier, in the mid-19th century in Moscow. The authentic recipe has advanced over time to consist of a variety of ingredients, with distinctive cultures adding their special contact to it. This wealthy records provides to the intrigue and appeal of Russian Salad.

Why Russian Salad is Perfect for Parties

Russian Salad is best for events due to the fact it is a crowd-pleaser. Its vivid hues and scrumptious style make it a centerpiece at any gathering. Plus, you can put together it in advance, saving you time on the day of the event. Whether it is a birthday party, a wedding ceremony reception, or a household reunion, Russian Salad is a dish that is positive to depart all and sundry delighted.

Feedback from Happy Eaters

Many human beings have loved this Russian Salad recipe at events and gatherings. They love its creamy and tangy flavors, alongside with the medley of substances that make every chew exciting. The high-quality comments from these who’ve tasted this salad is a testomony to its reputation and the smiles it brings to people’s faces.


Russian Salad, or Olivier Salad, is a pleasant addition to any birthday party menu. With its wealthy records and the capability to please a giant crowd, it is a recipe this is stood the take a look at of time. So, the subsequent time you are web hosting a celebration for a hundred people, reflect on making this party-perfect Russian Salad. It’s a scrumptious and versatile dish that will make your company rave about your culinary skills.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can I make a smaller batch of Russian Salad for a smaller gathering?

Absolutely! You can modify the portions of components to cater to the quantity of friends you have. The recipe is enormously adaptable.

What are some innovative versions for Russian Salad?

You can add fruits like apples or pineapple for a candy twist, or scan with distinct sorts of meat for a special taste profile. Russian Salad is like a canvas, and you are the artist!

How lengthy can I keep Russian Salad in the refrigerator?

You can shop it for 1-2 days in the refrigerator, making it a on hand dish for meal prepping or taking part in leftovers.

Can I make a vegetarian model of Russian Salad?

Absolutely! You can pass over the meat and create a scrumptious vegetarian version. It’s simply as pleasant barring the meat components.

What are some best predominant guides to pair with Russian Salad at a party?

Russian Salad enhances a huge vary of important courses, such as grilled meats, kebabs, and a number worldwide cuisines. Its adaptability ensures it pairs nicely with most dishes, making it a versatile addition to your menu.

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Discover the ultimate guide to creating a "Party-Perfect Russian Salad Recipe for 100 People." This article provides expert tips and a step-by-step recipe, ensuring your dish is a hit at any gathering
Discover the ultimate guide to creating a “Party-Perfect Russian Salad Recipe for 100 People.” This article provides expert tips and a step-by-step recipe, ensuring your dish is a hit at any gathering
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